Liberty Bell Football Officials Clinic

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"I've attended the LBFOC as a registrant and presenter. It is one of the best clinics available and affords officials the opportunity to learn, work on the field in the Mentoring Program side by side with Division 1 officials as well as network with officials at all levels."

—Jim Casey, AAC, CAA, Patriot & Ivy Linesman

"The learning experiences that I have had in the Mentoring Program run by the LBFOC have greatly helped me in my professional development as an official both on and off of the field."

—Mark Wilson, ACC, CAA, Patriot & Ivy Umpire

"I have attended the LBFOC and participated in the Mentoring Program for 9 years since the clinic's inception. The on-field experiences and opportunities to work with Division 1 staff officials have enhanced my ability to be the best official that I can be."

—Dan Solis-Cohen, Catholic, Interact, Public & Suburban Leagues; Secretary, Abington PIAA Chapter